Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Moon That Embraces The Sun

I've been watching/re-watching this drama forever!! It's not draggy, characters all really 到位. The crown prince/king is really capable, loyal to his first love, confident in front of his political enemies, and smart in his prediction, assertive in his actions.

I love the song so much. I made ringtone so that i can use on my iPhone! (:

The lyrics & translation!
구름에 빛은 흐려지고
창가에 요란히 내리는
빗물소리 만큼 시린 기억들이
내 마음 붙잡고 있는데
갈수록 짙어져간
그리움에 잠겨
시간을 거슬러 갈순 없나요
그 때처럼만 그대 날 안아주면
괜찮을텐데 이젠

젖어든 빗길을 따라가
함께한 추억을 돌아봐
흐려진 빗물에 떠오른 그대가
내 눈물 속에서 차올라와

갈수록 짙어져간
그리움에 잠겨
시간을 거슬러 갈순 없나요
그 때처럼만 그대 날 안아주면
괜찮을텐데 이젠

흩어져가 나와 있어주던
그 시간도 그 모습도
다시 그 때처럼만 그대를 안아서
시간을 거슬러 갈수 없나요
한 번이라도 마지막일지라도

As the light dims by the clouds
The memories that are as cold as the raindrops that are pounding down the window
Are grabbing onto my heart
*Sunk in the longing that gets heavier as time passes
Can I travel back time?
If you hug me just like you did before
Then I will be better
I follow the wet and rainy road
And look back to our memories
The blurry rain reminds me of you
And you fill up in my tears
It scatters – the times you were with me, the memories you were with me
Can I travel back time and hug you just like before?
Just for once, even if it’s last
I’ll be better

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