Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New begining

The old archives have been emptied, I shifted them to another blog. The past archives contained my days from the day i finished my last A-Levels paper to present day.

Now, graduated from NUS, ready to embark on the new phase in my life, Working. >:( 

Talk about growing up huh. I hope I can find my directions. (:

For some stories i blogged about in that period, Vicole Lang still hvt contacted me yet, ahahaha. But i received invitation from her boyfriend to celebrate her birthday (I being one of the surprises her bf was preparing for her), it was a pity i couldnt make it cos i was so caught up with school work. That entry is permanently archived and that blog is private.

As for Calsia Sng, she still hvt return me my $120. LOL. She did contact me ANNUALLY for my bank account, would then take ages to transfer. Her reply will forever be excuse: "tomorrow" or something like that. I actually dont understand, because if she's set not to return me the money, just let it pass? Why keep on asking for my bank account number but do nothing? It's been twice already. But well, to be fair she did apologize about the things she said. I tried to chase, but I've became so lazy chasing it seriously. And if you know, I can really file a police report already since all the SMSes are with me. But i think forget it lah, not like im gonna die without that $120.  Maybe she needs it for her life? LOL...

That's all. All kinds of people also have.....

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