Tuesday, June 12, 2012

iPhone Apps

I always wants to blog about some of the iPhone/iPad apps I personally like.

Haha... but it can be quite meaningless actually...

However, ... here's the list.

1. WhatsApp - Everyone has it! I feel Microsoft should feel threatened! This app is the reason me and my friends no longer log on to MSN Messenger anymore! This is one of two paid apps I bought out of my whole chunk of apps... Substituting chatting messengers apps i like: Line and Kakao Talk.. These two only lacks the function of "last seen" and "typing...", but everything else are pretty similar and these two apps have free calling (cue: Viber) function. Kakao Talk even has two voice filters - Monster & Alien (the alien one is perfect to cool down your angry friend ahahahaha! cos the voice is just too funny!! like Chipmunks.)

2. Dropbox - Personally feel it's the most amazing app ever! I just really like apps that can sync across my devices! I installed it on my Macbook Air, iPad & iPhone..

3. Evernote - Second most amazing app! I can make notes, sync it across my devices. Seriously check it out man! This is a link for college students, tips on using Evernote. Can clip webpages too!

4. Adobe Reader - This is really handy especially if you have iPad, the drawing, highlighting writing etc function just save the earth alright? I stopped printing my notes thanks to this app!

5. Bible (by YouVersion) - This app is really good; it offers reading plans for you to choose from. You can select plans, then just read accordingly everyday!

6. Flava - I like this clean, handy diary-like app. Mostly i jot down sudden thoughts and emotions or Bible verses. (:

7. Pocket (used to be known as Read Later i think) - Save all the webs I want for offline reading, can be synced across devices, so I like it!!!

To be continued when I feel like writing again! hahaha! In the above list, only WhatsApp is US$0.99, rest are all free apps, so why not give them a try!

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