Friday, November 29, 2013

Life's Too Short to Settle for Average Love

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I think it's really true that we don't settle for the sake of settling. We should always wait for that special someone, who can make you feel you're finally completely. But I'm really not very sure how long one can stay feeling this way. It may not always be forever, or towards just one person in the entire life. Then, how do we judge? If it's an average love, or otherwise?

It's been sometime since i last blogged anything. And one day i suddenly waking up and wanting to write and blog again.

Everything is fine now, I'm into the third (second last) semester of my postgrad studies. And i know blink and there I can add another academic fruition to my educational shelf.

I'm not sure if what I'm doing will eventually lead me to what I wanna achieve in life. What do I actually want to achieve? I'm not too sure but I know I want to be able to take control, take control of how I want it to be. And I thought one of the ways I could do it is by having a successful career that provides me financial success. Of course, that is a very basic level of success.

What I'm learning actually set me to a career path that could possibly lead to big pay cheque, but unfortunately I hate everything I'm learning. Okay maybe that's a tad too strong a word to use "hate". But I'm really uninterested.

Just pray that every dots will connect in the future and everything will make sense in the end. :)

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