Sunday, July 14, 2013

14 July 2013

it's considered the last day of my first school break for my postgrad studies. 

Although, it's never wish todo a finance masters, I did it for my parents. You may ask, it's my life, why live for others. Then I shall answer you, they sacrificed so much for me, is it not right to give up a little of mine and do it for them? It may be tiring for me because its not my interest, and I'm not as mathematically inclined as finance this subject required. 

But I tell myself, I believe the dots will connect eh? Hopefully, someday, somehow whatever I am learning now will benefit me, give me an advantage over others. 

It's also true that I'm worried abt my future more than ever. Others may feel what's my worry?? I've a flexible working-hour job that pays me like I'm on full time, and I'm doing a higher education. But I really can't tell where do I stand in this society, what I'm good at? Is it really marketing? Because there are so much about marketing that I don't know of. 

Good at nothing. Sigh. Is there anyone more failure than me huh? Hais.

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Daniel Sergyos said...

I'm doing postgraduate studies in physics. I have no idea where I stand in society either and i feel dumber each day. Its a sucky feeling. But yeah maybe my dots will connect one day as well :) good luck with your stuff