Thursday, December 20, 2012

t w e n t y - t w e l v e

This year is an eventful year as usual.

It's been long since i've even blogged properly.

This year,

  • I graduated from NUS.
  • Found a job.
  • Started working.
  • Ended a relationship.
  • Enjoyed some affection from different guys.
  • But I feel I'm better off alone for the time being, i think.
  • Went Batam for a short getaway.
On this last day of this world (a day before End of the World 21st Dec)

I'm waiting for this year to end:

Xmas party with the colleague from HQ (hopefully).
Kpop night party with Mich & LL's TGG
Play with Vivie and Spiffy (first time) the next day
Go LB sale with Mich the next day too

On leave for the rest of the year. (sounds cool, but in actual fact only a few days).






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