Thursday, July 5, 2012

first week at work

It was such a pleasant trip back home to visit my grandparents, relatives and even my primary school friends. When with them, i suddenly feel how much i really miss them. I didnt know i miss them so.

When having dinner, my classmate recalled how teacher alws throw chalk at him when he was not behaving (teacher was present at te dinner too!), and suddenly i remembered a lot of things i thought i've forgotten! Suddenly i want to be living there, with them, can always meet up with them and stuffs.

After landing in singapore, i feel i am in a state of .... self denial. i constantly doubt the fact that i've already graduated and also need to start working.

Today is my 4th day in office. My seat/cubicle and laptop is not ready yet, i brought my macbook to work. because the extra laptop for me now is really slow.

Everyone else is so busy in the office. I feel so awkward to be so free and slack. I hope my life wont be busy like them like dont even have time to eat lunch kind!! OMO

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